ayyyyyy scullllayyyy

starfoozle always up for that! Catching up will be great!

smashedfinger just two hours? Haha

danabolic stack testing! Stuck on a roof cooking in the sun but I get to travel a bit??

Just like good ol chicagoo. I bet there’s some good stuff around there! Thank youuu~


Neon Samus Aran LED Light art by The Daily Robot.

This is the biggest, most complicated piece of light art I’ve made so far - it’s 3 colors, which requires 3 panes of engraved acrylic and 3 rows of different colored LED’s.  I’m only making a few of these, you can get one (while they last) from my Etsy shop!


Don’t “lady” me, son! I’m Sally the Sleuth!

Sally the Sleuth lays down the law.

—Crime Smashers #2 (1950) cover detail by Joe Kubert

Flying to Wichita, Kansas tomorrow for work. I’m sure that’s gonna be fun


Women Warriors series by maxre

A women only archery competition in North Japan.



this shit goofs me up  i just want to play as an Ordinary Dude in skyrim look like a tourist in disneyland 

*The DRAGONBORN walks in wearing his SKYRIM LOGO T-SHIRT tucked into his JEANS*